Christianity? Paganism? Both??

On this weeks show Fox and Arrowind discuss that majority religion that dominates western life. Christianity. We cover some ground from our early Pagan reactions toward this group and why we don't act like that any more. Taking a look at some aspects of Christian doctrine and ideals of monotheism we look at how it relates to and affects our Pagan life. The subject of X-ian witches and witchcraft are examined and we talk about how some ideas have passed back and forth over time and wonder about about our similarities and differences. It might be a bit controversial in some circles to have such an open discussion on this topic in our community but when has that ever stopped us.
  On a segment of What Does Fox Do? He talks about a few of the ways he handles negativity and negative energy in his life. And not to be one sided he also talks about generating positive reinforcing energy. Grounding and "cheerleadering" are couple of the things he address'.
 The camping season seems to be officially upon us and while we may have already missed a couple of trips we're on schedule to attend Blue Ridge Beltaine. This year promises a rocking Pagan band, good times surrounded by friends (old and new) and just simply getting to be camping again. Fox definitely needs his "camping" batteries recharged. If you happen to catch us out there stop and say Hi! We're always up to meet listeners and have a little impromptu "porchtime"
 Today is "Pagan Coming Out" Day and while Fox is pretty out there we here at the PPOTE household feel for our Brothers and Sisters who for one reason or another must lead closeted lives. If you know such a Pagan let them know it's alright. That they're alright. And that there's a whole community of folk who love and admire them whether we know who they are or not. Treat everyone around you as if their journey is more difficult than yours and do your best to include and lift them up. We're a part of a great community. We can do it!
Blessed Be


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