Dominion Over the Earth??

 Welcome to the show! This episode Arrowind's Brother Evaldi joins us again while we talk about an epiphany that came to Fox's mind during a Mid-Summer ritual. How much healing does the Earth really need versus how much healing does civilization need? As the conversation goes it rapidly becomes apparent that we're also talking about the varying levels of dominion being exercised upon us and that we exercise over our experiences. The conversation gets into the deep end rather quickly and some of the points being made take a while to come to conclusion. Stay with it as I feel some of these issues rather deeply and as such think this is one of those great, deep shows we do every once in a while.
 No segments this time. It was just one of those shows where we had to take a deep breath as soon as we were done and go to bed. We record pretty late at night sometimes. Stay tuned for WWFD, Podcast of the Moment, and more in future episodes.
  As I type this out I think again of how we might need to give ourselves some healing energy the next time we're trying to heal the planet. Give some energy to those around you, to those both in and out of our community. If we spread enough healing around perhaps it will begin to make some significant difference in the implausible paths our world is sliding toward. Take care of yourself and take care of the space around you. I know we all generally try to do just this but remaining conscious of the decisions to do so helps a bit. At least I hope it does.
Blessed Be


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