Magic is Bigger Than You Think

Woah ,,,,,,, When we decided to choose this topic we didn't quite realize how big a bite we were taking. We came to discover that our definitions and ideas on the subject were looser and broader than we thought. It made for a bit of a more ranging discussion than normal so while the show is a shorter one we covered a lot of ground. We spent the first couple of minutes talking about the verb "practice" as it relates to magic, decided we liked
exercised" better, and then proceeded to use the word practice for the rest of the show. Old habits die I hard I guess. We talk about the differences of Magick, Illusion and stage magic, and several other variances upon the theme of what is magic and magical.
 Featherwind like being on the show so much that we decided to give her a shot at her own segment; Featherwind's Imaginary Creatures. You'll be treated to a look at the imagination of a ten year old child, the creatures that live there, and what they mean to her, Let us know what you think.
 And on that note, do, let us know what you think. As we work our way back into regular podcasting I've discovered that we've nearly completely dropped off the map. Drop us a line and let us know you're out there. If you get us at iTunes drop us a review (gotta admit we love those) or you can connect with us here at Podbean. Hope to hear from you!  
    The camping season is just around the corner again and despite our crazy busy world we're gonna try and get out a couple of times this year. Mmmmm, camping. Does the Pagan soul good. Give it a try. If you see us out and about stop and say high. We're always up for "porch time"  Tale care and Blessed Be. Fox


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