PPOTE; In The Beginning (Episodes 1-5)

1 Pagan Parents on the Edge- Introductory podcast. Fox andArrowind talk about the start of their family, focusing on the births of their children. They share how each brought a spiritual component to these experiences.




2 Pagan Spiritual Soup- Arrowind and Fox talk a little about their different pagan paths, and some of the influences that affected their spiritual directions. They touch on how they hope to have a positive influenceon their children's spiritual development.




3 Fertility of the Mind - Creativity and Imagination- In thespirit of Beltaine, Fox and Arrowind talk about how creativity and imagination connect their family to spirituality.




4 Divination- Fox and Arrowind discuss some of their uses of divination in their everyday life. You can expect some tarot, some astrology, white vans, and a little tongue in cheek humor.




5 Crises of Faith- Fox and Arrowind talk about time in their lives when they had crises of faith, from doubts and questions to the realizations that brought greater spiritual fulfillment.





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