PPOTE Premium Content

After months of consideration and hour upon hour of work the new presentation for PPOTE is done. In our pursuit of several public, Pagan, and personal projects under the banners of Sacred Waters Sanctuary and Factory Entertainment we have partially monetized the show. There will be several ways to still interact with us for free though so don't fret. We took down the entirely glitchy and mostly non-working library of shows from Podbean.

The newest paradigm will continue to have the two most current episodes available for free and you should still be able to get them on any of your current podcatchers. There will also be a show from the most recently released back episode bundle available each month for free to give everyone an idea of what the recent back episode bundle release contains.

For a minimal fee you can "subscribe" to PPOTE. Subscribers will not only, of course, have access to the three current free episodes but will also have unlimited access to both the five episodes preceding the two current free episodes and a random episode from the past. As each new episode is released the entire order of episodes will move down by one and the oldest free episode will become part of the exclusive subscription content (and no longer available for free) as the oldest subscription episode will move into the back episode catalogue (available for purchase as a part of a back episode bundle when released).

Want even more PPOTE? PPOTE from the past? Then you can for a modest fee purchase five episode blocks of the past as they are released and become available. The first block will be our first five episodes!

Just want to become an avid supporter? Become a patron of PPOTE. Be like the patrons of old, like the supporters of Davinci and Michelangelo you too can help keep something interesting going. If you've got any questions feel free to contact us on FB, on Podbean, or at paganparentsote@gmail.com Looking forward to hearing from you all. Blessed Be.