PPOTE; In The Beginning (Episodes 1-5)

• May 21st, 2016

1 Pagan Parents on the Edge- Introductory podcast. Fox andArrowind talk about the start of their family, focusing on the births of their children. They share how each brought a spiritual component to these experiences.


2 Pagan Spiritual Soup- Arrowind and Fox talk a little about their different pagan paths, and some of the influences that affected their spiritual directions. They touch on how they hope to have a positive influenceon their children's spiritual development.


3 Fertility of the Mind - Creativity and Imagination- In thespirit of Beltaine, Fox and Arrowind talk about how creativity and imagination connect their family to spirituality.


4 Divination- Fox and Arrowind discuss some of their uses of divination in their everyday life. You can expect some tarot, some astrology, white vans, and a little tongue in cheek humor.


5 Crises of Faith- Fox and Arrowind talk about time in their lives when they had crises of faith, from doubts and questions to the realizations that brought greater spiritual fulfillment.


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Christianity? Paganism? Both??

• May 2nd, 2016

On this weeks show Fox and Arrowind discuss that majority religion that dominates western life. Christianity. We cover some ground from our early Pagan reactions toward this group and why we don't act like that any more. Taking a look at some aspects of Christian doctrine and ideals of monotheism we look at how it relates to and affects our Pagan life. The subject of X-ian witches and witchcraft are examined and we talk about how some ideas have passed back and forth over time and wonder about about our similarities and differences. It might be a bit controversial in some circles to have such an open discussion on this topic in our community but when has that ever stopped us.
  On a segment of What Does Fox Do? He talks about a few of the ways he handles negativity and negative energy in his life. And not to be one sided he also talks about generating positive reinforcing energy. Grounding and "cheerleadering" are couple of the things he address'.
 The camping season seems to be officially upon us and while we may have already missed a couple of trips we're on schedule to attend Blue Ridge Beltaine. This year promises a rocking Pagan band, good times surrounded by friends (old and new) and just simply getting to be camping again. Fox definitely needs his "camping" batteries recharged. If you happen to catch us out there stop and say Hi! We're always up to meet listeners and have a little impromptu "porchtime"
 Today is "Pagan Coming Out" Day and while Fox is pretty out there we here at the PPOTE household feel for our Brothers and Sisters who for one reason or another must lead closeted lives. If you know such a Pagan let them know it's alright. That they're alright. And that there's a whole community of folk who love and admire them whether we know who they are or not. Treat everyone around you as if their journey is more difficult than yours and do your best to include and lift them up. We're a part of a great community. We can do it!
Blessed Be


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Magic is Bigger Than You Think

• April 10th, 2016

Woah ,,,,,,, When we decided to choose this topic we didn't quite realize how big a bite we were taking. We came to discover that our definitions and ideas on the subject were looser and broader than we thought. It made for a bit of a more ranging discussion than normal so while the show is a shorter one we covered a lot of ground. We spent the first couple of minutes talking about the verb "practice" as it relates to magic, decided we liked
exercised" better, and then proceeded to use the word practice for the rest of the show. Old habits die I hard I guess. We talk about the differences of Magick, Illusion and stage magic, and several other variances upon the theme of what is magic and magical.
 Featherwind like being on the show so much that we decided to give her a shot at her own segment; Featherwind's Imaginary Creatures. You'll be treated to a look at the imagination of a ten year old child, the creatures that live there, and what they mean to her, Let us know what you think.
 And on that note, do, let us know what you think. As we work our way back into regular podcasting I've discovered that we've nearly completely dropped off the map. Drop us a line and let us know you're out there. If you get us at iTunes drop us a review (gotta admit we love those) or you can connect with us here at Podbean. Hope to hear from you!  
    The camping season is just around the corner again and despite our crazy busy world we're gonna try and get out a couple of times this year. Mmmmm, camping. Does the Pagan soul good. Give it a try. If you see us out and about stop and say high. We're always up for "porch time"  Tale care and Blessed Be. Fox


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Sacred Buffoonery; Aspects of the Sacred Clown

• March 26th, 2016

Woo Hoo! Here it is the second episode of the PPOTE relaunch. In this show we wish you all a Blessed Ostara as we spend a few moments talking about how ours went. The main topic of the show was inspired by Fox, his current fascination and interactions with clowns, and their symbolism. In "What Does Fox Do" we discuss mirror magick and some of the spells Fox has used in this vein. We're pretty happy that we've managed two in a row, on time, and look forward to many more. As you will hear, the show is beginning to evolve and we point that out during the wrap up. Spring has sprung (although the snow and cool temps may make it seems as if it hasn't) and with that a great time for new beginnings and energies. Take for yourself a few moments to think about it. Nothing is promised and this would be the grandest of times for a clean slate. Good luck and Blessed Be.

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Welcome Back!

• March 6th, 2016

Hello Everyone! Here is the anticipated show we have been posting about! In the podcast, Fox and Arrowind talk a little about the journey that has taken us away from the show, and back again. We are excited to get back into the swing of podcasting. Our special guests join in for part of the show, which will hopefully be a nice surprise for long-time listeners. We also talk about the new projects that are starting and our decision to begin having 'Premium' content. We welcome any support you may be able to give, and as always, we love just knowing you are out there listening! Please leave a comment here or on the Facebook page and let us know what you think!

Blessed Be,


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Samhain Musing

• October 31st, 2015

Arrowind and Fox decided to drop another quick random to celebrate Samhain. We ramble around a bit while talking about the season and a few of our ideas and traditions. We, of course, talk a little bit more about Sacred Waters Sanctuary and it's relationship to the season. We talk about some of what's been making our lives so chaotic lately. So have a safe and Happy Samhain. Check us out on FB. Blessed Be!

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Random Fish

• October 3rd, 2015

And finally here it is, the second random (ergo silly random title) episode that we've been promising for a month. We talk about a couple of the things we've been up to for the last 6 or 7 months including Blue Ridge Beltane and the awesome time we had hosting the main ritual and our own Sacred Waters Sanctuary Games of Lugh Lughnasadh. We also talk about upcoming changes to our handling of PPOTE and the upcoming, yet to be named, new podcast based our new project at Sacred Waters. Halfway through the podcast, Fox begins to lose his voice, jeez we are out of practice, but we still have a great time talking. We are beginning to look at and contemplate ways to gain financial support for the Sacred Waters project such as adding a 'donate' button and other crowdfunding sources. As we learn more, we are definitely going to let you folks know more. Drop us a line on facebook! Blessed Be

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Episode OMEGA

• February 14th, 2015

  And here it is. After two long years we explain where we've been, where we are, and where we're going. Fox definitely believes that all things go in cycles and circles and so it is with the show. As the title may have you suspecting, this is the last official episode of PPOTE. There may be a random episode here and there but we make no promises on this as our energies are moving and have been moving in new and exciting directions for the last couple of years. We'll be explaining much of that in the show. Sacred Waters Sanctuary has us very excited and busy at the moment in a fashion that has pretty much helped us to make the decision to put this show to bed. There are wonderful things coming though and we sincerely hope that everyone will follow us over to whatever media and presentation we have/create for Sacred Waters Sanctuary. There's already a FaceBook page with the start of information and some photos on it.

We really want to thank everybody who has come with us on this journey. We've learned quite a bit and are astounded every single time we research the stats for the show to see how many, and the worldly variety of, people interested in listening to a couple of Pagans ramble on about their experiences. We are deeply appreciative of the patience and interest, tolerance and love most everone has shown over the years. Even the few snarky or even meanspirited bits have been an education and an addition to our overall Pagan experience. We look forward to seeing many of you on our new journey as we strive to create something powerful and amazing with Sacred Waters Sanctuary. We intend to keep communication with the PPOTE audience as we move forward keeping all the media access to the show intact as it stands. Fell free to drop us a line. In the end we look forward to seeing how this will all play out. Thanks again. Much love to you all.

Blessed Be

Foxfire and Arrowind


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The Spirits Among Us

• October 29th, 2011

In this episode of PPOTE, Arrowind and Foxfire reach deeply into our own personal experiences to talk about spirit encounters that we have had. That's right folks, we tell ghost stories. The personal and somewhat nebulous nature of these events make it difficult to define them in very precise ways. As such, Foxfire and Arrowind do a fair amount of verbal stumbling as we attempt to communicate the essence of these experiences.

In this episode's edition of 'What Does Fox Do?' he talks about his relationship to his books. Research is very important to Fox because, as he describes, some types of information are just not readily available to him from a mental standpoint.

In Arrowind's 'As of Yet Unnamed Segment', she reads from The Crone's Book of Words by Valerie Worth. The selection is the spell 'To Free a House from Haunting'. She points out the importance of incorporating rhythm and rhyme as a way of focusing and increasing the power of spellwork.

The Podcast of the Week this episode is 'The Shaman's Brew' with its host Marcus Leader. Marcus is former student of Carlos Castaneda and as such is full of fascinating information. He is also a friend of PPOTE and a much respected supporter. Currently you can listen to selected back episodes of PPOTE on his show, as he prepares for a new chapter in 'The Shaman's Brew'.

In the end of the show, Foxfire and Arrowind dedicate it to our friend Chamberwolf. It's a bit of an emotional moment for us since he was a dear friend who has now passed beyond the veil.

There has been an odd bit of energy floating about the air in our group of friends. It seems to be suppressing everyone's spirit this year. Perhaps it is just a reflection of the energies about us as they turn inward and become darker. We do so hope that you are having a Happy Halloween and a Blessed Samhain wherever you are and however you may perceive and celebrate the season.

Blessed Be,

Foxfire and Arrowind

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