The Sacredness of Camping and the Fututre of PPOTE

After the May camping run at Blue Ridge Beltaine Fox and Arrowind spend a bit of time talking about the rituals involved in actually getting there. The sacred mindsets created by the loading, packing in, and setting up of the camp gear. Fox takes this pretty seriously and considers it ritual as he does it. The conversation on this subject is relatively short but nice. Arrowind and Fox love camping and it shows.
 We have finally gotten the basic set up in place for the way that PPOTE is going to be going forward. It took a while and quite the number of discussions. We've posted about this on Facebook and the Podbean hoster page but this is the first time we've really brought it up on the show to explain it. We shall see how this all works out going forward. If you've got any questions please, join us on Facebook or email us at and just come right on and ask. We're excited to see if the new PPOTE direction takes off for a number of reasons. You can find a descriptive of how the show is now being presented on the Premium Content page.
 It's been a long strange journey for us here at the PPOTE household and we're really just beginning, "miles to go before I sleep," as Frost said. I try and stay cognizant of the whole "it's the journey not the destination," but am looking forward to at least the arrival of some milestones. I think it's similar for everyone. Don't let the journey wear you down. Don't entirely focus on the destination. Remember that it's there but don't miss enjoying the journey for it. And watch for milestones. Sometimes they're more subtle than we realize.
Blessed Be


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